Value-Added Marketing

The hyper-saturation of marketing and advertising has been bothering people for as long as you and I can remember.

Wherever you look, you see advertising: on TV, on the street, in sports stadiums and arenas, even at the beach.

This makes it harder with every passing day more for brands to be seen, heard and, above all, remembered. The traditional approach to marketing is no longer adequate, as society realizes that the current rate of resource consumption is not sustainable.

Value-added marketing, also called “meaningful marketing,” can help a company / brand differentiate itself. It is marketing that may (and often does!) have more meaning than the product or service being sold.

According to Gilbreath, “Marketing with meaning is the antidote to opting out: it adds value to people’s lives independent of purchase—which, as it turns out, is far more likely to win their business and their loyalty.”[1] It’s about improving consumers’ lives through the marketing itself.

A value-added marketing strategy involves:

Developing a marketing approach that invites the customer to participate, i.e., it gets the customer involved;

. Develop a marketing approach that invites the customer to participate, that is, that involves the customer;

. Providing benefit through value addition;

. Service as a differentiating factor; and

. Focusing on meaning

The examples of Unilever’s Dove, Samsung and Banco do Brasil (Bank of Brazil) illustrate well the meaningful-marketing approach.

Dove developed a campaign with partner Real Beleza, and their video “Evolução” (“Evolution”) registered over 500 million hits.

This campaign was launched in Brazil in 2004 as part of Unilever’s global marketing strategy, pioneering the presenting of products in campaigns that focused on the diversity of their consumers.

[1] [Accessed 8/20/2019].

By incorporating real women with the most diverse body types, rather than professional models, Dove repositioned the brand, presenting itself as a vanguard company with social convictions, distancing itself from an outdated image. It combined this with campaigns communicating authenticity and honesty, thereby developing a bond of credibility, trust and loyalty with a significant portion of their female audience, who have become more comfortable accepting their bodies as they really are.

Another example of value-added marketing was Samsung, which made more than 50 mobile and notebook charging stations available at Los Angeles and New York airports.

Also noteworthy is the meaningful marketing campaign launched by Banco do Brasil in March this year, but unfortunately halted by the company.

The campaign, which had great repercussion, was created by WMcCann, including actions for the digital landscape with influencers such as Hugo Gloss and Cellbit. The video “Selfie,” which showed that opening an account with Banco do Brasil is as easy and useful as taking a selfie, inspired positive commentaries on the internet. It featured young black and white people taking selfies, illustrating the diversity of the Brazilian people. Aimed at young audiences, the campaign embraced racial and sexual diversity, with black and white actors and actresses and a transgender person.

The examples mentioned illustrate successful cases of campaigns aligned with the idea that ​​marketing is not only selling a product, but also has meaning for the consumer and society as a whole.

To develop a value-added marketing strategy, a company needs to understand the personality and aspirations of its clients, as well as what is relevant to them. This step is critical to realizing the value a brand can offer customers. It is also a chance to help make the world a better place to live.


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